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We are on a mission to make gear design faster, simpler, and more enjoyable. For everybody.

GearConfig is powerful gear design tools in a pleasant web interface. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Gear News

We now have a tutorials section! Our first video tutorial is a step-by-step guide showing how to get started designing gears on GearConfig.com

We made a short video that in 2 minutes gives you a good idea about what GearConfig is. Perfect for sharing with friends and colleagues!

The Core of GearConfig

Our gear software consists of a set of separate modules, all run right here in your browser.
For designing gears from scratch, each module focuses on a separate step in the design flow.
For checking and evaluating existing gears, each module also has its focus.

Gear Pair Search Module

This is the fastest way to get started on your next gear project. Simply input your requirements and let a clever algorithm do all the tedious work for you in an instant.
The module will automatically search for gear pairs that fulfil your requirements, list them nicely for you, and lets you preview the meshing before you make your choice. When you have settled on a solution you like, the found gear pair can be transferred to the analysis module for more detailed analysis and fine-tuning.
Supported gear types are spur, helical, cross helical, and involute worm drives.

Gear Pair Analysis Module

Simple and powerful, this module lets you study a pair of gears in detail and make adjustments.
Interactive visualisation of the meshing is provided, and to further aid you in the assessment of the gear pair's feasibility, the module will tell you what it thinks of the current configuration, and make suggestions for adjustments if needed.
You can adjust backlash and tolerances, and download corresponding STEP files of the gears for each tolerance case.
The usual way to get started in this module would be loading data into it via the gear pair search module or by loading an existing gearwheel as one of the wheels, but you can also start with a blank form and input data directly. Supported gear types are spur, helical, cross helical, and involute worm drives.

Gearwheel Module

The basic gear design module, that lets you configure a single gear wheel.
Based on the parameters you input, the gear is calculated and previewed immediately, allowing you to iterate fast towards a gear that will work as you intend.
All relevant parameters are calculated for you, and a 3D STEP file of the gear can be downloaded. By specifying tooth thickness and manufacturing method you get a high accuracy 3D model that you can use for your further 3D design work, FEM analysis, or 3D print it directly. The module also provides a convenient tool for calculating back and forth between common tooth thickness measurements.