Gear Pair Tutorial Part I: Basics

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Learn how to design gears step by step. In this video tutorial the Gear Pair Search and Analysis modules are introduced by going through two worked examples: a worm gear and a spur gear. Learn how to perform some of the basic adjustments to make sure you have a gear pair that will work.

The worm gear is an example of a classic gear with the worm wheel made from a softer material, such as a polymer, and the worm from a hard material, such as machined metal. In this case it is important to distribute the thickness of the teeth between the two wheels such that it reflects the difference in material stiffness and strength.

The spur gear example is not a regular spur gear either, because it has been made so that it has a high contact ratio, ensuring that at least two pairs of teeth always are in contact, as a means to reduce tooth flank wear and the impact of tooth bending on noise and vibration.